Karroubi sends letter to Ali Khamenei criticizing him for “wrong policies”

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Mehdi karroubi , one of the main leaders of “Green Movement” in Iran, has sent a letter to Iran’s religious leader, Ali Khamenei, accusing him of being responsible for recent political uprisings and dissatisfaction among the people.

karroubi, who is in house arrest after a controversy presidential election in 2009, says in the letter “Instead of criticizing others, accept responsibility of what you did in the past three decades in Iran”.

karroubi went to house arrest after protest the results of the presidential election saying serious cases of fraud took place during voting and the afterward process. karroubi was accused of leading millions of demonstrators in Iran, who were protesting the results of the election.

“Before votes being counted, you declared the victory of Ahmadinejad in the election. Instead of listening the people, who were protesting the results of the election, you warned them and defended the ridiculous result of the election” said karroubi in the letter to Ali Khamenei.

He also said that “In the past three decades you were Supreme Leader of Iran, so instead of criticizing the others and speaking as an opposition of the government, accept your responsibilities of what you have done in the past 30 years”.

There is no reaction from Ali Khamenei regarding the letter so far.