Israeli missiles hit areas close to Damascus airport : Syria

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Syria’s state-run news agency says Israel has fired at least two missiles close to Damascus airport late on Monday night.

The report didn’t talk about a possible damage or causality but some local news agencies say the no one was hurt by the missiles. Syria says the attack was carried out by Israel due to the recent defeats of terrorists by the Syrian troops and allied forces.

There are no immediate comments from Israel over the attack but on Sunday Israel said it has fired a missile at a “flying object” most likely referring to a drone, moving from Syria toward Israel.

The aim behind the recent attack in Syria and the clear target is not known so far but it seems that the attack was somehow related to the military presence of Iran and Iran-backed Hezbollah militants in Syria. Israel has warned Iran to pull out from Syria saying Iran’s presence in Syria poses a great risk to Israel’s security.

According to some reports, Russia has evacuated Iranian and Hezbollah forces from southern parts of Syria close to Israel’s border in the recent weeks but Israel asks for a full withdrawal of Iran from Syria.


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