Israeli former minister charged over spying for Iran

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Israeli former minister is arrested over the charges of spying for Iran, Israeli officials say adding that a case has been filed against him by the office of Israel’s Prosecutor.

Gonen Segev, former energy minister is accused of sending sensitive information to Iran and spying against Israel.

“Gonen Segev is accused of sending information to the enemy during war and spying against Israel. He has sent information about energy, security sites, and owners of political and security jobs in Israel to Iranian officials. He also has visited Iran twice at the request of Iranian intelligence service”, a joint report by Israel’s National Security service and police says.

He is also accused of trying to encourage other Israelis to work for Iran. The report says Segev contacted Iranian officials intentionally in 2012 for the first time when he was in Nigeria and he was aware of what he is doing and whom he is working for.

He has met Iranian intelligence officers in the hotels and homes belongs to intelligence services of Iran several times after he visited Iran twice, the report adds.

Israeli media says he was arrested in the middle of spring this year and is still in custody. Gonen Segev,65, was the minister of energy in Israel from 1995-1996. He left politics in the past two decades and started a private business. He was living in Nigeria before being arrested.


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