Israel vows to not let Iran produce nuclear weapon

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he is not surprised by a decision by Iran’s Supreme Leader to resume uranium enrichment.

He vowed on Tuesday that Israel will never allow Iran to get access to nuclear weapon. “Two days ago, Iran’s leader talked about the intention of Iran to destroy Israel, on Monday he said how the country will follow the aim by unlimited enrichment of uranium that will help the country to produce atomic bombs”, said Netanyahu in a video message posted on his Twitter account on Tuesday.

Netanyahu is in his European tour to talk with the western allies about Iran and the recent developments in the region. on Monday Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei ordered Iran’s Atomic Body to get ready for the enrichment of uranium with a Haigh capacity.

Earlier, the United States of America warned will impose tougher sanctions on Iran if the country resumes uranium enrichment.


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