Iraq warns Kurdish Region for not implementing security deal

According to Mikrofon news agency (MHA), Iraq’s army says will give a second chance to Erbil to implement the security deal which was reached between Erbil and Baghdad, saying Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) is not committed to the agreement.

In a statement released hours before, military commanders of Iraq’s army say if the KRG doesn’t preserve security in the border areas, then Iraqi forces will take the initiative.

“This is clear that Kurdish Region is not implementing the security agreement which was signed by two sides.  KRG has a provoking stand against Iraqi forces trying to create new barriers against stationing of our forces in the border areas”, the statement says.

Iraq’s army warned KRG that Baghdad will not tolerate if Kurdish Region attack Iraqi forces by any mean. Peshmerga forces say they have not reached any deal with Baghdad over the controlling of the border areas.

tensions are running high in the region after the non-binding referendum in Kurdish Region and its aftermaths.

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