Iran’s Leader accuses America of starting religious war in the region

According to Mikrofon news agency (MHA), Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei accused America, Israel and the followers of trying to start a religious war in the region, calling them “today’s Pharaoh” the ruthless ruler of the ancient Egypt.

Speaking to a gathering of some Islamic country’s ambassadors in Tehran on Wednesday, Ali Khamenei has said the war is planned by America to protect the security of Israel.

He has also said some figures in the region are acting as the US puppets and are destroying Islam to make America happy, without naming anyone directly.

Supreme Leader of Iran has reacted to a decision by Donald Trump to move the US embassy to the Jerusalem, saying this shows their weakness not the power.

“Palestine will be free one day, Palestinian will gain the victory at the end. The decision to move the US embassy to the occupied Jerusalem shows the weakness of the “enemies”, said Ali Khamenei.

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