Iranian oil tanker burns for the third day / burning tanker could explode

According to Mikrofon news agency (MHA), the Iranian oil tanker which was collided with a cargo ship off China coast, is burning for the third day, officials said on Tuesday.

Tens of firefighters and rescue teams are struggling to control the blaze but dark smoke, intense winds and big waves in the area have hampered the efforts, according to the Chinese Transport Ministry.

Officials fear burning oil tanker could explode, which may cause the tanker to be sunk. The oil tanker which was heading from Iran to South Korea collided with a cargo ship off China coast on Saturday. 31 crew of the oil tanker, two of them from Bangladesh, are missing, while the body of an Iranian crew was found on Monday.

21 Chinese crews of the cargo ship was rescued hours after the incident happened. Large amount of oil is spilling from the tanker increasing fears of a possible environmental disaster. The oil tanker was carrying 136,000 tons of condensate, that is equivalent to just under 1 million barrels, worth about $60 million, based on global crude oil prices, Reuters reports.

This the first major sea incident for Iran since the sanctions were lifted two years ago. A delegation from Iran is heading to China, Iran says. Four of the Iranian crew members were university students who were spending their internship on this ship, according to officials.