Iranian official urges people not to let enemies provoke them

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Iran’s Energy Minister has urged Iranians to not give a tool to the hands of the enemies to interfere in domestic issues Iran.

Speaking before Friday Prayer ceremony in Tehran Reza Ardakaniyan called on Iranians to not waste water and electricity and don’t let the enemies provoke you against the regime using Iran’s domestic issues.

“God has ordered us to not waste water. We have never used our natural resources properly until now and this is the corruption that Allah has forbidden us from doing. This will destroy our nature and our lives”, said Ardakaniyan.

He said Iran has the advanced technology that allows the country to recycle the sewage to usable water for irrigation.

Iranian Minister also said Israel is trying to steal water resources of the Middle East and Iranians must be vigilant in order to not allow Israel to get involved with Iran’s domestic issues on the pretext of water crisis.