Iranian MPs confirmed death of a detainees in Evin Prison

According to Mikrofon news agency (MHA), two Iranian MPs have confirmed the death of a detainee in Evin Detention Center who was arrested in connection with the recent unrests in Iran.

Taibe Siawashi,  and Mahoud Sadeqi, two reformist parliament members say intelligence sources have confirmed that Sina Qanbari, 22,  has committed suicide in Evin Detention Center in Tehran.

Sadeqi has said the issue is under investigation on other possible cause of the death. There is no official comments from the Judiciary or security officials on the issue so far. Siawashi has said the office of Sadeq Larijani, Head of Iran’s Judicial System has been informed on the issue.

More than 2 thousand people were arrested by the security forces during the recent demonstrations in Iran. More than 20 people were killed and hundreds are wounded after the anti-government demonstrations turned violent.

Condition of Ashkan Absawaran, 20, another Iranian citizen who was arrested during the protests is unclear, according to his family. “Last time he called me four days ago from his mobile phone saying that security forces have detained him.

Now after I went to Evin Prison, I was told that he is missing”, his mother says, according to BBC. Human rights activists have expressed concern over the condition of the people who are arrested recently in Iran, urging government to release transparent information about the condition of the detainees and their access to the lawyers.