Iranian MP accuses government of neglecting Khuzestan

According to Mikrofon news agency (MHA), in a very near future people in Khuzestan will be witnessed of a salt storm that put lives of the locals at a great risk, Qasem Saaedi Iranian member of the parliament warns.

“The very unprofessional acts of the government in managing the environmental crises shows that this is not something special to Khuzeztan province. Destiny of Urmia Lake is an alarming sign for all of us and this is very clear that in a very near future we will be witness of a deadly salt storm in Khuzestan”, says Saaedi.

He says if the government continues with the miss-management over the issue, members of the Khuzestan provincial assembly and representatives from Urmia will talk to the media inside the parliament about the government’s indifference to the existence of Khuzestan.

The behavior of the government shows that president of Iran has forgotten Khuzestan with a population of 1.5 million, Iranian MP say. He calls on the government to implement the project of reviving the wetlands of Khuzestan and Urmia immediately.

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