Iranian journalist strokes over uncertainty about his detained son

According to Mikrofonnews agency (MHA), Muhamad Aqazadeh, Iran’s famous journalist has suffered stroke after his request for releasing his son from the Evin prison was disapproved by the authorities.His son was detained during the recent demonstrations.


Aqazadeh is hospitalized and is facing a risk of a possible heart attack and stomach bleeding.

“Security forces came to our house on Thursday saying that they want to take my oldest son, Suheil, with them, they were emphasizing that Suheil did not participate in the demonstrations and has done nothing wrong, but they said just want to ask him some questions about the university students who had participated in the demonstration. They promised us that will release Suheil after 24 hours”, Muhamad Aqazadeh had written in his Twitter account last week.

Aqazadeh also has told media that he had a short telephone conversation with his son some days ago. The family has expressed deep concern over the condition of Suheil and his father in the hospital.