Iran will stay in Syria as long as IS presents there : IRGC

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), a senior official of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards says Iran will stay in Syria as long as Islamic State’s terrorists are present in the country.

Iran has announced recently the final defeat of Islamic State’s terrorists in Syria, saying no terrorist linked to the group has remain in the country. Speaking with Mizan News Agency, Ismael Kowser, a high-ranking official in the Revolutionary Guards said Iran will stay in Syria at the official request of Syrian regime as long as the country needs Iran’s help.

“Syria has been a loyal friend of Iran since the victory of Islamic revolution in our country, so as the country is suffering from a civil war and the government asked our help, of course we accepted the request and rushed to help them”.

He accused the United States of America for imposing a civil war in Syria, warning America that will lose the war in Syria the same as it happened in Iraq. Iran has been accused by America and other western powers of interfering in internal affairs of the countries, making the region more instable.