Iran may walk out of nuclear deal in the coming weeks

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi says Iran may leave nuclear deal in the coming weeks.

Speaking at a conference on Iran in Brussels Araqchi says Iran is running out of patience and the county is likely to walk out from the nuclear deal.

He said after the US terminated the deal it has lost its balance and now it is upon the Europeans to show more sacrifice and recover the lack of the US presence in the deal and the sanctions imposed by America on Iran.

“This is not important for us that how Europe wants to save the deal, what is important for us is the presence of European companies in Iran, what is important for us is to sell our crude oil and an inter-bank system between Iran and the Europe that can allow many to be sent to our accounts easily. The European countries should find a solution to the problem”, said Araqchi.

He said while there is not a clear and positive perspective on the continuation of negotiations with the European countries but Iran is waiting for sacrifices from Europe the same way as Iran sacrificed many things to save the deal.



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