IOM: African migrants are tortured and raped in Libya

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), International Organization for Migration (IOM), says the migrants who were not accepted by Italy last week, were subject to torture and rape in the past two years.

A report by the organization says the African migrants were held by the human traffickers for more than two years in Libya and were widely tortured and raped.

Some 150 refugees most of them from Somalia and Eritrea were rescued from the Mediterranean Sea on August 15, but Italy denied to accept them after keeping the refugees wait in the beach for 10 days.

IOM says most of the refugees were kept by human traffickers in Libya for more than two years. They were repeatedly raped and tortured by the human traffickers and at the same time their families were threatened to pay huge amounts of money, the organization says.

IOM says it believes that still thousands of refugees are kept in the safe houses and are at the risk of being raped or tortured.



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