“If we have to lose the game, we should lose together” : Khadem

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Rasoul Khadem, former head of Iran’s wrestling federation who resigned last week has criticized comments by the Iranian officials to the Iran’s athletes saying they shouldn’t be hidden behind the athletes.

In a letter he said “those who says Zionist regime is a red line for Iran, should take weapon and move along with the Iranian athletes”.

“How I can accept that while the authorities are putting themselves aside, I say to the national champion of our country to lose the game as we are not playing with the Israeli athletes?, I call on the authorities to come forward and if we have to lose the game, we should lose together”, he said.

He was referring to a video in which, the Iranian coach of Alireza Karimi was asking him to lose the game in a competition with an Israeli wrestler. Karimi and Jamshidi, two Iranian wrestlers were deprived of international competition for six months and two years, respectively, due to a deliberate loss while competing an Israeli wrestler.

Khadem has warned that only in the first half of this year, Iran will take part in 8 international competitions, where Israeli teams will have an active role. He expressed concern over a possibility of more restrictions for the Iranian athletes, which threats more cases of deprivations for Iranian wrestlers.


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