I will not resign under pressures : Rouhani

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says he will not resign under pressures saying to overcome the current challenges there are only three ways in front of Iran.

Speaking with a number of senior Iranian officials Rouhani said Iran has three choices.

“First to bow in front of America and accept whatever Donald Trump says. Second, to stand against the United States of America while domestic differences remain in the country. Third, to not accept defeat against America and remain united against all kinds of threats and challenges”, said President Rouhani.

He said if Iran goes with the third option it will bring a great victory for the nation and the country against the enemies of great Iran. Iran’s President who is under enormous national and international pressures recently said he is ready to stand beside the nation until his last breath.

He confessed that Iranians are struggling for a better life something they deserve, according to President Rouhani.

“I am urging the nation to support the government who is confronting many challenges. I know people should have a better life and economy, we are responsible for security and prosperity of our people. The systems should have transparency and people should know who has gotten the money and why”, said President Rouhani.

The comments come as Iran is hit by a fresh wave of dissatisfactions and demonstrations against the devaluation of Iran’s Rial against foreign currency and a rise in the prices of imported goods in the Iranian markets.

Opposition parties have asked for President Rouhani’s resignation several times in the past who is failed to fulfill people’s demands and establish a better economic system according to them.


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