Hundreds of unnamed children born in Iran every month

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Seyyed Shahabuddin Chavoshi Social and Political Deputy of Tehran Governor says Every week, 10 unnamed infants are registered in Tehran hospitals.

The infants have no legal documents as in some cases their parents are unknown. “Unnamed infants” has become a big challenge in Iran as hundreds of these children born every month in Iran according to official figures.

Some of these children are born as a result of an illegal sexual relationship between their parents, something that is considered as a crime in Iran, while some others born as a result of temporary marriages which is not registered officially due to several reasons although Iran’s law has permitted to temporary marriages.

A large number of these unnamed children are born from an Iranian mother and a foreign father. Iran is giving citizenship only for the children whose fathers are Iranian and this is not the same with the children with Iranian mothers.

Human Rights activists have warned this is a serious social challenge for Iran a country which will have thousands of unnamed children in the coming years with a dark future.


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