Home appliances producers stopped selling products in Iran

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), producers of home appliances have stopped selling the products in Iran due to a rise in the price of imported stuff and a lack of budget for importing raw materials.

Meanwhile, foreign companies have also stopped sending their products to Iran’s markets due to the US sanctions on the country.

Rezaie, one of the sellers of home appliances in Iran told Iran’s semi-official news agency that the number of customers has decreased unprecedentedly in the market and this has concerned the producers and sellers of the home appliances.

He said around 90 percent of the foreign companies have stopped sending their products to Iran’s market although they had increased the price for their products more than 30 percent recently.

Iran has been locked in an economic crisis in the recent years and the situation is getting worse as many of the foreign companies ended investment in Iran and transaction with the Iranian traders due to the US sanctions on Iran.


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