Holding business with terrorists ‘humiliating’ for US

Turkish prime minister said on Thursday the U.S. cooperation with terrorist organizations is “self-humiliating” for Washington.

“It is really very humiliating for America to hold business with terror organizations, [and] take actions it planned with a terror organization in the region,” Binali Yildirim said at a signing ceremony to introduce countrywide all-in-one payment system in Ankara.

Referring to the U.S., Yildirim said the country, which Turkey has worked together with for many years in the region and called it “ally” in NATO, is clinging to terror groups.

“It is a sad and a dire situation,” he said.

The premier said it is “unacceptable” that such country, instead of protecting the borders of NATO, is supporting the terror establishments.

“We will not tolerate any terror establishment along our 1,350-kilometer-long (839 miles) southern border from Iran to the Mediterranean sea, Iraq, Syria, Euphrates river’s east or west,” Yildirim stressed.

Speaking about the PYD/PKK terrorist attack at a mosque in Turkey’s Kilis province, he said a necessary response was given and all emplacements of the terrorists were destroyed following the attack.

He said the terrorists should face Turkish soldiers instead of attacking worshippers in the mosque.