Heatwave continues to take lives across the world   

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), many countries across the world continue to suffer from a heatwave which has claimed the lives of several people since the beginning of the summer.

Algeria with 51.3 degrees is on the top of the countries hit by the heatwave in the African continent. In Asia, the Chinese government has warned of a heat wave in the country saying that temperature may rise to above 40 ° C in some parts of China in the coming days.

South Korea says about 27 people have died of the heatwave and more than 2 thousand people are hospitalized.

In Japan, more than 80 people were killed another 22 thousand people were admitted to hospitals due to a high temperature. Two  British citizens died in the north of Europe and heatwave caused a wildfire in Californian which has expanded in the past two days.

Heatwaves followed by devastating floods in some parts of Asia have affected corps and agriculture as well.

The heat and lack of rainfall are pummeling crops across Europe as far as the Black Sea. Output in Russia, the world’s top wheat exporter, is set to fall for the first time in six years, while concerns continue to mount about smaller crops in key growers such as France and Germany.


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