French cows couldn’t reach Iran due to sanctions

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), the project of sending live cattle from Normandy in the north of France to Iran has been halted due to the US sanctions on Iran.

Nathalie Goulet a Senator for the Orne which is a breeding ground for cattle says the project was signed between some French companies and Iranian Seamorgh company in 2016.

Some 300 cattle were sent to Iran in 2017 under the agreement and it was expected that thousands of cattle would be sent to Iran in the coming months, but the project was halted now, said Goulet who is one of the supporters of the project.

The United States of America has warned European companies to stop dealing with Iran or be ready for tough sanctions. Several companies have left Iran since the warning was made by the US President Donald Trump in May as he walked out from Iran’s nuclear deal.

Although food and agriculture sectors are not under US sanctions but money transaction with Iran is getting tougher day by day that prevents companies from investing in Iran.

The project worth a couple million Euro and the cows were supposed to be sent to Iran by plane according to Goelet who thinks this was a successful project between France and Iran.



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