Five journalists killed in armed attack on Capital Gazette

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), at least five people killed two more wounded as an armed man attacked a local daily office in the estate of Maryland, the US officials say.

Identity of the assailant has not released so far and motivation behind the attack has remained unknown but police in Annapolis city says the suspected attacker is a white man on his late 30s. He was arrested immediately after he allegedly stormed the building on Thursday evening.

Five people who were killed by gunshot were the reporters and senior editors of the Capital Gazette among them a seller man. Police says the newspaper was threatened seriously in the social media recently.

Eyewitnesses described the attack as being like a  “war zone” as many of the staff were hidden under the tables while the man was targeting directly the colleagues.

US media report that the suspected man who is arrested by police had unsuccessfully sued the newspaper group in 2012, but police say they are investigating the motivation of the assault which was a targeted attack.


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