Explosion in Afrin kills 11 people  

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), at least 11 people have been killed after an explosive device planted by PKK/YPG inside a building in Afrin went off on Sunday night.

Explosion occurred as a group of Turkish soldiers entered a building in Afrin. 11 people, among them 4 Turkish soldier and 7 civilians, were killed in the incident.

Nasser Fouad, a local resident who lost his two nieces in the Sunday night’s explosion says terrorists of PKK/YPG have planted bombs and explosive devices in most of the houses in Afrin.

“Terrorists have planted bomb in houses of all locals who did not support PKK/PYD in the area. We were very happy that terrorists left the city but their bombs are still taking victims among the locals”, said Fouad, speaking with Anadolu’s reporter in Afrin.

Turkish army along with the Syrian Free Army fighters captured Afrin in the north-west of Syria on Sunday morning, pulling back the terrorists from the area.


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