EU condemns chemical attack in Syria by Assad and supporters

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), European Union says evidence shows that Assad’s regime was behind a deadly chemical attack, which targeted civilians in Duma, besieged by the Assad’s forces. A statement released by the foreign affairs of EU, condemned the attack strongly urging the international community to act immediately. The statement asks Russia and Iran, both supporting Assad” to prevent the regime of repeating the chemical attacks, using the influence on the regime. At least 78 people, among them many children were killed during the attack which was carried out in Duma, a city in the Eastern Ghouta. Meanwhile, Canada has condemned Assad’s regime and its supporters, Russian and Iran, for conducting chemical attacks against civilians, describing it a clear violation of human rights and international regulations. A statement released by Canada’s Foreign Ministry called the attacks a war crime saying the perpetrators of the attacks should be punished.

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