Deadly attacks on the first day of unilateral cease fire in Afghanistan

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Taliban have launched a series of deadly attacks on different parts of Afghanistan on the first day of a unilateral ceasefire announced by President Ashraf Ghani.

Control of two districts in the northern provinces of  Faryab and Sar-e-Pul fell to the hands of Taliban on the early hours of Tuesday as scores of Taliban fighters started their attacks on the districts. At least 8 people including a district chief are confirmed dead during the attacks.

Meanwhile, they have launched a massive attack on Moqor district in the central province of Ghazni and heavy fighting is underway according to reporters in the area.

Last week Afghanistan’s President announced a six-day ceasefire with Taliban and ordered the security forces to stop all military operations against the group. Since then more than 200 people including civilians and military forces have been killed during the deadly attacks carried out by Taliban in Afghanistan.


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