Britain supports Afrin operation conducting by Turkish army

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Boris Johnson, Britain’s Foreign Minister has supported Afrin operation, launched by Turkey in north-west of Syria.

In a short message written in his Twitter account, Johnson said Turkey and Britain have joint goal in Syria, overthrowing Bashar Assad through political process. He also said Turkey has the right to secure its border areas, adding that Britain is following the operation closely.

Meanwhile Turkish military forces continue to target positions of terrorists in Afrin, north-west of Syria on Monday as part of Operation Olive Branch, launched on Saturday. The operation is underway in support of the Free Syrian Army, which was conducting a ground operation against terrorists in Afrin, according to an Anadolu Agency correspondent in the field.

Sounds of explosions and artillery fire, which has been intensified on Monday, could be heard from the bordering areas between Turkey and Syria. Turkish army launched the operation on Saturday to destroy hideouts of PYD/PKK and Islamic State’s terrorists in north-west of Syria bordering Turkey.