Britain and Germany condemn Iran’s attack on Israel

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Britain and Germany have condemned Iran’s recent attacks on Golan Heights urging the country to stop provoking acts in the region.

Germany has described the missile attacks on Golan Heights as “provocative and very dangerous acts” saying Israel has the right to defend itself. Britain has also condemned the attacks urging Russia to prevent possible attacks in the future using its influence on Iran.

The comments came as Israel announced on Thursday it has carried out missile attacks on Syria in retaliation for an early attack by Iran on Golan Heights.

Israel says the attacks were carried out by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps but Syria’s government denies the reports saying Iran was not involved in the attack and missiles were fired by Syria’s army in reacting to Israel’s attacks on Tuesday night.

Some news agencies say several Iranian military forces were killed during the earlier attack by Israel on Tuesday night.  Israel says it has targeted all Iranian missile sites during the attacks early on Thursday.

Reacting to the missile attacks on Golan Heights, the United States of America says the attack carried out by the Iranian forces show that President Trump’s decision to terminate Iran’s deal and impose the tougher sanction on Iran’s government, was a right decision.