Barezani asks for dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad

According to Mikrofon news agency (MHA) Masoud Barezani president of Kurdish Regional Government has urged Baghdad to start dialogue over the disputed issues between Erbil and Baghdad following the illegal voting in the Kurdish region of Iraq.

In his first televised statement Barezani asked the neighboring countries to help two sides for finding a solution.

The region countries and international powers have opposed strongly the voting calling it “illegitimate referendum.”

Masoud Barezani has emphasized that his administration is not seeking separatism and doesn’t wish to create obstacles for the neighboring countries:

“As for the other neighboring countries, the president stated that we do not wish for any obstacles to be created. It is rather expected of them to seriously find solutions to the issues between Erbil and Baghdad.”

Barezani has said the KRG has entered a new phase after majority of the voters said yes to the voting on Monday. 

“We also reassure the international community, the president stated, that we are immediately ready to engage in negotiations on independence with Baghdad.”

Barzani also highlighted his regional government’s “willingness to continue to become an effective partner in the global effort to eradicate the terrorists”.


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