Baluch young man shot dead by IRGC in Kargan town

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), a Baluch young man was shot dead by members of Revolutionary Guards in Kargan town in south-east of Iran after security forces raid the town over some intelligence report of “smuggled goods”.

The raid was conducted on Wednesday, during which the security forces of Revolutionary Guards raided homes of the villagers, destroying their properties. Armed forces conducted a search operation in several homes of the town and some bullets were shot at the walls of the homes and local mosque, according to the locals.

Reports say Hassan Malahi, a young Baluch man was killed in the shooting. Locals have set ablaze a boat at the entrance of the town to block the way of tens of forces. Most of the population of the Kargan town are Baluch and Sunni, generally engaged in fishing activities.

Some of the residents are selling goods like rice, sugar, juice and gasoline, due to the lack of support by the government and poor economy system.


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