Bahrain accuses Iran of facilitating terrorist attack in the country

According to Mikrofonnews agency (MHA), Bahrain has accused Iran of being behind those who sabotage in Bahrain disrupting security and stability in the country.

Releasing the manual security operations report in 2017,  Bahrain’s Interior Minister, Rashed bin Abdullah al-Khalifa said intelligence reports show that Iran was behind an attack on oil pipeline in the village of Buri in November last year.

Following the attack a comprehensive security operation was launched in the area and nearly 50 people were detained during the operation, al-Khalifa said. The operation was carried out by the intelligence service and security agencies.

Bahrain’s Interior Minister says the attack on pipeline was carried out by the help of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and perpetrators who had mission to assassinate Bahrain’s senior officials and destroy oil facilities in Bahrain,  were in contact with Hashd al-Shaab in Iraq and Hezbollah in Lebanon.