Azerbaijan tries to help more than one million IDPs return home

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Armenia started the occupation of Azerbaijan’s territories. Armenian occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijan’s territory which forces one million of the locals to immigrate from their hometowns.

As the population of the Azerbaijani migrants increased through the years, now the number of them has reached 1 million and 200,000, according to officials.

Azerbaijan’s government is involved in negotiations to free its occupied lands on one hand and on another hand it is trying to improve the lives of internally displaced families.

According to official figures, Azerbaijan’s government has spent 6 billion dollars to improve the situation of these families in the past 20 years and has given home to more than 250 thousand refugees. The government is also thinking of a “mass return” of the displaces families after the occupied lands are completely free.

Beside Azerbaijan’s government, Turkey is also trying to help the country with the issue of internally displaced families.

Recently, Turkey has announced new plans for creating jobs in the Jojug Marjanli village liberated from Armenians in 1994. Azerbaijani government says the only solution for the problem is a safe return of locals to their towns and villages.



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