At least 40 million Iranian lives in poverty : Ali Dini Turkmani

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), at least 40 million Iranian lives in poverty, Ali Dini Turkmani,  Member of the Institute for Trade Studies and Research says.

He says rate of unemployment is announced 12% officially, while the real statistics show the at least 25% of those who are bread makers for their families have no job. Turkmani says people have lost their trust on the government and this will have big consequences.

“One who has lost everything has no way but to take to the streets asking for his demands. The defeat of the market is countervailable, but the systematic defeat is not easily compensated. We had stronger economy that Turkey before the Islamic revolution, but now Turkey’s  annual income is two times more than what we have”, said Turkmani adding that Iran is facing a real crisis in the region and the world as the decision-making centers are more institutionalized than you.


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