Assad remains in Syria for long as Iran and Russia support him / Macron

According to Mikrofon news agency (MHA), French President Emmanuel Macron says Bashar Assad will remain in Syria for many years as Iran and Russia are protecting him.

He has said IS terrorists will be defeated by February 2018 but Assad will remain in the country. Macron has called Assad enemy of the Syrians, saying he must one day answer for his crimes. Meanwhile Macron reaffirms that his priority is to  eliminate terrorists that to overturn Assad’s regime.

“We along the international coalition succeeded in Iraq and will win in Syria as well and I think this will happen sometimes in February”, Macron says, speaking to a French Television.

Despite of the failure of the Geneva talks on Syria, Macron expressed hope that the process will be restarted in the presence of Assad and opposition parties next year.

He reaffirmed that France is emphasizing on a long lasting peace process in Syria which will protects the rights of all minorities in the war-torn countries.


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