Amnesty International condemns Salas’s execution

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Amnesty International has condemned the execution of Mohammad Salas a member of Iranian Darvishes (a religious sect), on Monday.

In a statement released by the organization Amnesty International said Mohammad Salas was executed despite serious concerns over the injustice judicial procedures. “Iranian officials have a bad record about death penalty. The execution of Mohammad Salas was also one of the tragic incidents that was very far from justice.What has happened in this case was not a response based on justice to the demands of the nation, this decision was taken only for retaliation”, said the statement.

Mohammad Salas was executed on Monday morning for killing three Iranian policemen during a demonstration in Tehran last year. Mohamad Salas denied the charges saying he was not the driver of a vehicle who hit a crowd of police forces during the demonstration but the court says the verdict is not changeable.

Mohamad Salas said he has evidence that at the time when the incident happened he was already in jail. On Sunday his family was asked to meet him for the last time in prison.



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