Afghan President declares end of ceasefire with Taliban

According to Mikrofonnews Agency (MHA), Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani declared the end of a unilateral ceasefire with Taliban on Saturday and ordered military forces to resume offensives against the group.

More that hundred people including civilians and military forces were killed by Taliban during a unilateral ceasefire with the terror organization declared by the government of Afghanistan. Ashraf Ghani said his government will follow peace process in the country at the same time and is ready to declare ceasefire with Taliban whenever the group wants.

Meanwhile, he dismissed reports of establishing safe-zones for Taliban in the east of Afghanistan as a rumor.

President Ghani is widely criticized by the opposition and human rights activists for treating the terrorist group of Taliban as a political movement and avoiding a stronger reaction to the barbaric and heinous attacks of the group against civilians and Afghan troops.


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