Afghan Human Rights Commission urges all parties avoid civilian causalities

According to Mikrofon news agency (MHA), Independent Commission of Human Right in Afghanistan urged all groups engaged in the conflicts of Afghanistan to avoid civilians causalities and respect the international laws.

Head of the commission, Sima Samar said violation of the human rights in Afghanistan is a matter of serious concern for the organization and efforts made on the ground in the past several years, are disappointingly less.

Situation of the children is very concerning as they are the victims of sexual harassments and being recruited by the armed opposition groups and Afghan local police, said Samar in a gathering in Kabul remarked the international day of declaration of the Human Rights day by the United Nations.

Civilian causalities during the armed conflicts, internal displacements,  Unemployment, poverty, low standard of education in the schools, are the main concerns for the Independent Commission of Human Right in Afghanistan, according to the head of the organization.

Thousands of human rights violation cases are registered every year in Afghanistan increasing concerns over the situation of the human rights in a country which is hit by war in the past four decades.

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