43 thousand protests staged in Rohani’s Presidency : officials

According to Mikrofonnews agency (MHA), Spokesman for the Iran’s Interior Ministry has said at least 43 thousand protests and demonstrations have been staged in Iran since Hassan Rohani was selected as the president.

Said Salman Samani, who was speaking with the reporters in Tehran has opposed to a draft by Tehran City Council for specifying a place for demonstrations and protests. “Interior ministry welcomes the legal gathering and protests in the country. The permission for the protests should be granted by the legal and governmental institutions. No one can carry weapon during the protests and demonstrations according to Iran’s constitution” sid Samani.

He said this is not a good idea to specify the demonstrations to one point, saying this is the right of the people to participate in the peaceful demonstrations.

Most of the 43 thousand protests in demonstrations during the presidency of Rohani have been cracked down by the security forces of Iran, according to the reports.

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