2.3 million Venezuelans fled the country since 2014

According to Mikroofnnews Agency (MHA), more than 7% of Venezuela’s population have left their homeland in the past 4 years due to the economic crisis.

A new report by the United Nations says 2.3 million Venezuelans have escaped to the neighboring countries since 2014 as the economic crisis is boosted up in the country. Many of the Venezuelans have travelled to the neighboring countries by foot which took several days.

Following a deterioration of the situation on the joint borders, Brazil announced on Tuesday it will deploy army forces to control the border with Venezuela.

Ecuador has warned that hygienic condition is concerning in the refugee camps along with the borders of Venezuela and there is a high possibility of an epidemic to be spread in the area.

More than 3 thousand people are crossing Peru’s border on daily basis and another 4 thousand people are entering Ecuador every day, officials say. Venezuela is hit by a serious economic crisis in the recent years with an unprecedented devaluation of its local currency.




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